PE 2

PE 2

The curriculum will consist of more complex and varied specialized activities which expand upon the mastery of the basics, including: fitness, (including cardiovascular fitness activities, concepts and application), interspatial, apparatus, cooperative and individual and rhythmic activities. *This course may include a swimming component*

Course NamePhysical Education II
Course Number9102
Grade/Meeting time11 Daily, quarter
12 Daily, quarter
11 Alternating days, semester
12 Alternating days, semester
10 Daily, quarter
10 Alternating days, semester
9 Daily, quarter
9 Alternating days, semester
Graduation RequirementPhysical Education / Wellness
PrerequisiteC or better in Phys. Ed. I
Special ConsiderationNone 

Final Exam:
ThePE 2 final is a physical fitness test that tests each students competency within different areas of fitness. The students will be asked to run (cardiovascular endurance) jump rope (coordination, accuracy, balance), and complete two body weight exercises (ie: jumping, crawling, pushup, sit up). The test is 20 minutes in length and will be scored by the amount of points accumulated per exercise in that 20 minute time period. Students will be given opportunities to practice the final exam movements throughout the 45 class periods, as well as have the opportunity to practice the ACTUAL FINAL. Students are challenged to improve their fitness levels by practicing many different movements thus getting stronger and demonstrating improvements in their overall fitness. The test is not a surprise and each students is given opportunity to succeed if they choose to work hard throughout the semester. This is not something you can prepare for overnight. Continuous work throughout the semester will be what it takes to be successful in this course and on the final. Best of Luck.

Final Exam Review Sheet

by:Reed Weimer