Monday, November 28, 2011


This is a possibility, if there is enough interest ? What do you think? Please vote above.

Over the holiday break students will have the OPTION of participating in an exercise challenge for Mr. Wagner’s PE class. This challenge is meant to be FUN, COMPETITIVE (either against yourself or others), CHALLENGING and MOTIVATIONAL . Students will participate in this challenge by posting scores to the comments on Mr. Wagner’s PE website At the start of the winter break there will be a post that consists of a certain number of workouts that must be completed during the break. The post will consist of the workouts and a description of how each workout is to be completed. There will also be a deadline for submitting scores. While students will submit their scores they will also video tape their workout and upload their performance to the internet using or Along with their scores they will also attach the URL where their workout has been saved so their score can be validated. Following the challenge there will be a leaderboard generated from all of the submitted scores. HAVE FUN and Parents are encouraged to join in the fun however you don’t have to video tape yourself!

Each student will have to have a permission slip signed by a parent/guardian in order to participate if uploading a video to the web.

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