Friday, September 7, 2012

LESS is MORE: 5 Simple Steps to Better Health

As a food coach, one of the biggest challenges people share with me is their unfounded belief "more" is the answer:
"If I had more time to prepare my meals, I'd lose weight."
"If I had more help, like a shopper and a chef, I'd be fit and fabulous."
"If I had more information, I'd know what to do to improve my health."
Guess what? You don't need anything more. You need less.
There is a TON of information about what to eat, when to eat, how to eat,... It's complicated and confusing.  The overwhelm factor is so high it makes you want to just say "Forget it."  However, you and your health are too important to forget it. So, let's keep it simple.  
5 Simple Steps to Better Health 
1.  Buy less processed food.  Make a weekly grocery list centered around real food - food as close to its natural state as possible.  Begin your shopping at the Farmers Market. Stock up on just-picked vegetables and fruits. Afterwards, stop at your favorite grocery store and shop the perimeter - produce, meat, & dairy.  Lastly, zip down the center aisles for flavor enhancers like olive oil and spices.  When you eliminate (or at least reduce) processed foods, your intake of cheap, non-nutritive ingredients will go down. Your body will begin to restore itself and better health will result.
2.  Read less.  Or, at least magazines and books that promise quick fixes. They NEVER work!  Commit to your health and wellness.  Spend less time reading about someones magic solution and uncover yours.  
3.  Eat less junk.  Steer clear of pretend food that comes out of packages that make noise. Instead, choose fresh fruits and vegetables.  Make homemade trail mix out of your favorite nuts, seeds, dried fruits and a little dark chocolate.   
4.  Sit Less. Incorporate some form of exercise into your daily routine. Regular exercise boosts energy and is a natural mood enhancer. Movement improves circulation, digestion, and metabolism. In addition, regular exercise is a key component of negating lifestyle related diseases like heart disease, stroke, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension. Choose to sit less and move more. 
5.  Think less about the past. Yesterday is gone. So are the weeks and years that preceded yesterday. Let them go.  Forget about the past. Take what you know right now and go forward. Commit to making the best possible choice given your situation.  Follow through with actions that support those choices.  
Less is more is about keeping it simple. By actively pursuing a life sustained by nourishing foods, daily movement, and supportive thoughts, you will uncover a less complicated route to a more healthy life. 
Thanks to CFOCMD.

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