Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 Souderton High School 
2nd Semester Strength Training Documentary

Day 1 of strength training, (using a 30s video interview) each student will have the opportunity to answer why they chose this elective course, strength training ? At the end of the semester, each student will again be given the opportunity to share something they have gained from this course in a 30s video interview.

In addition to each class having the opportunity to share their reasons for taking strength training and reflecting on their experience, we will also select a few volunteers who might like to take this documentary a bit further. This decision will be on a completely voluntary basis and no students grade will be directly affected based on their decision.

Mandatory of selected participants for documentary
Weekly check in with the following:
  • Body fat percentage (hand held elctro impedance tester)
          *ideally test at same time (hr of the day) each week
  • Picture (same style of outfit each time)
  • Weight
  • Weekly questions (On Video)

Optional of selected participants for documentary (Encouraged)
In addition to the mandatory weekly video and weight/body fat testing students will use a blog created by Mrs. Van Saun. The blog will be used as a journal to record information about your workouts or daily activities from strength training class, how you felt  before during and/or after class, strengths/weaknesses from workout and anything else you might like to add. Feel free to post on your days off about anything that comes to mind (soreness, tired, energized, etc.)


  1. What a great opportunity for the students, Mr. Wagner!

  2. Thanks I am really looking forward to what happens.