Wednesday, May 22, 2013

11 Top Men and 11 Top Women
May 24,2013
Souderton High School Main Gym

Athletes will participate in 3 - 5 minute AMRAP's of: 6-106' sprints, 5 wall climbs, 50 jump ropes, and 10 burpees. Between each 5 minute AMRAP the athletes will receive a 2 minute break before the next 5 min AMRAP begins. At the start of the next AMRAP athletes will start where they left off from the the prior AMRAP. At the conclusion of the 3 AMRAP's athletes scores will be the total number of rounds along with any extra work completed short of another round. Highest score for each male and female win.

Movement Standards

Each athlete will start in their designated lane. They will sprint towards the first wall explained prior to the competition. From their they will sprint back and forth until they have touched 6 walls.

Wall Climbs
Athletes will start with their chest and thighs in contact with the floor. They will walk backwards up the  wall finishing by demonstrating control on the wall with their entire hand including fingers behind the tape line and ONLY their feet in contact with the wall. (Knees and thighs may NOT be in contact with the wall prior to coming off the wall.) The rep is complete once the chest and thighs come back to the floor. Athletes may come off the wall in whatever means is appropriate and safe.

Jump Rope
1 rep is equal to 1 revolution  of the jump rope under the athletes feet. Athletes may complete double unders if able. Athletes may use their own ropes or they will be supplied a PE jump rope. The rope may pass under the feet in any style of traditional jumping rope, one foot hop, two foot jump, scissors, running of the feet or anything cleared by your judge.

Athlete starts in standing position. Chest and thighs must contact the floor followed by recovering to your feet with a jump off the floor and a clapping of the hands overhead. Both feet must clearly leave the ground TOGETHER and your hands have to clearly be OVER HEAD. During the clap your elbows may remain bent. Athletes do not have to stand fully off the ground prior to the jump and clap.

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