Monday, September 23, 2013

Here are a few tips for making healthy eating and life in general a bit easier. I know these are not new information, but they are worth repeating.
KEEP IT SIMPLE.  Less is always more, as they say.  Try to cook meals that only require a few ingredients. Then make them in big batches to have some leftovers.  Save the fancy schmancy stuff for the holidays or entertaining, or when you must show up the neighbors at the block party.
Plan, shop, prep and cook on ONE day for the week…if possible.  It sounds like a lot, but if you try to get into the habit, it ends up saving you so much time later in the week.  Get online or dig through your recipe books to pick out your meals for the week.  Shop, then right after you get home, try to wash, chop and prep fruits and veggies in bags in the fridge.  Cook meats too!  Have them ready to heat up and serve.
Get enough sleep.  What a difference that makes. You will feel like yourself and be less likely to binge on unhealthy comfort foods just ‘cause you’re crankin’!
If you are new to a lot of healthy foods, be patient and take baby steps.  Try one new thing a week.  You will see how when you start adding new, healthy foods into your diet (even slowly), you will naturally crowd out the unhealthy ones.
Go easy on yourself. If you slip up on a goal, or on a new eating challenge or feel disappointed about anything in general, forgive yourself and move on!  You can still make healthy choices despite a slip up.

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