Thursday, December 19, 2013

Team America....COMPLETE!

ONCE AGAIN all semester 1 strength training classes went head to head in a test of "Fittest Strength Training Class". The workout consisted of 2 separate 8 minute AMRAP's where each class tallied their two best and two worst scores from each workout. All 8 scores were added up for an overall total. Here are the final numbers tallied out:

Strength Training Block 1 Bday
(pull up, push up, squat) 14,12,10,6 (snatch, OH lunge, jumps) 10,9,6,5   TOTAL 72 rounds

Strength Training Block 2 Aday
(pull up, push up, squat) 17,13,11,10 (snatch, OH lunge, jumps) 11,9,8,7   TOTAL 86 rounds

Strength Training Block 2 Bday 
(pull up, push up, squat) 12,12,9,9 (snatch, OH lunge, jumps) 11,9,7,5   TOTAL 74 rounds

Strength Training Block 4 Bday
(pull up, push up, squat) 14,13,9,8 (snatch, OH lunge, jumps) 13,11,7,7  TOTAL 82 rounds

ONCE AGAIN strength training class Block 2 Aday came out on top with a final score of 86 rounds. They have now been crowned the Fittest Strength Training Class on TEAM USA and TEAM AMERICA.  Team America did not go untested for Block 2 Aday with Block 4 Bday holding the top score of 82 rounds passing 2 other strength training classes. But on the final day of battle Block 2 Aday came out on top 4 rounds ahead.

Congratulations to all strength training classes on your team work and dedication to helping your classmates work to their best abilities. 

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