Wednesday, May 21, 2014

 Top 10  Men,Top 10 Women and 7 Faculty Members
May 23,2014
Souderton High School Main Gym


Workout 1
Tie Break:
Number of wall touches at 2 minutes

Workout 2
4 minute AMRAP
100 Jump ropes
10 Burpees

Workout 3
5 minute AMRAP
25 Ground to OH with Plate 25/15
100’ Overhead Walking Lunge

*Rest 3 minutes between workouts

Athletes will participate in 3 workouts with a 3 minute rest between each workout. First workout is 3 minutes of max wall touches (106' sprints). At 2 minutes judges will record the number of wall touches completed. If athlete is not completed the next full wall touch mark the distance on the basketball court short of the next wall touch (score card).  
Workout 2 athletes will complete a 4 min AMRAP of 100 jump ropes and 10 burpees. Every rep will count.
Workout 3 is a 5 minute Amrap  of 25 ground to overhead with a rubber plate and 100’ overhead walking lunge. Athletes will begin standing on the sideline of the basketball court. Males on one side Females on the other. Males will have a 25lb rubber plate, females will have a 15lb rubber plate.
 At the conclusion of each workout athletes will be scored on that workout receiving a placement against their division. At completion of all three workouts athletes will have their places added together from each of the 3 workouts and lowest point total wins. If athletes are tied after 3 workouts, highest placed athlete on one individual wod will take better place.

Movement Standards

Each athlete will start in contact with the wall or line on floor. They will sprint towards the first wall. From there they will sprint back and forth until they have completed 3 minutes.

Jump Rope
1 rep is equal to 1 revolution  of the jump rope under the athletes feet. Athletes may complete double unders if able. Athletes may use their own ropes or they will be supplied a PE jump rope. The rope may pass under the feet in any style of traditional jumping rope, one foot hop, two foot jump, scissors, running of the feet or anything cleared by your judge.

Athlete starts in standing position. Chest and thighs must contact the floor followed by recovering to your feet with a jump off the floor and a clapping of the hands OVERHEAD. Both feet must clearly leave the ground TOGETHER and your hands have to clearly be OVER HEAD. During the clap your elbows may remain bent. Athletes must achieve full extension of the hip and knee on the jump and clap. If athlete does not complete a jump at full extension they may repeat just the jump.

Ground to Overhead
Athletes will start standing above their plate. On go, athletes will grab their plate and lift it from the floor and press it OVERHEAD with elbows, hips and knees reaching full extension. The plate will be returned back to the floor with any portion of the plate re-touching the floor before the next rep.
Overhead Walking Lunge
Athletes must have the plate overhead if they are lunging. Elbows may be bent but the entire plate must remain overhead while moving forward. Each lunge the back knee must touch the floor and athlete must stand to full extension of the hip and knee. NO SLIDING OF FEET. If a knee fails to touch the floor athlete will go back to previous step. Both feet will begin starting behind the sideline of the basketball court and both feet will contact the floor past the opposite sideline of the basketball court. 100’ is completed when the athlete has moved across the floor then turned around and lunged back to their starting position. **If plate is dropped at any time athletes will be disqualified. DROPPED FROM OVERHEAD ONTO THE FLOOR. Athletes may place the weight on the floor to rest. 

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