Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Workout 1
6oo’ sprint for time(6wall touches)
Combined score of partners
Tie Break: Qualified member then partner

Workout 2
5 minutes AMRAP of mat jumps
*Top of each minute complete wheel barrow
**When mat jumping 1 partner must be holding 45lb plate overhead

Workout 3
6 minutes
2 minutes of max burpees
**1 partner completes burpees while the other partner must be jumping rope
2 minutes of max burpees
**1 partner lays on the floor while the other partner burpees over their legs
2 minutes of partner carry or drags
**1 partner must carry or drag another partner width of the court. 3pts per carry

Workout 4 – FINAL (top 3 men/top3 women /1 faculty)
4 minutes max sled pushes

*Buy in of 10 wall touches alternating partners every 2. In remaining time max distance sled push. 4 pts per length of court. 

Workout 1: ~5 minutes ( ~45sec break between heats)
6 - 106’ wall to wall sprints for time: *must touch the wall with a hand (no feet)
Run in 4 heats ( 10 qualified men, 10 female partners of men, 10 qualified women, 10 female partners of men)
Scoring: Add Male and Female partners times together. Total time. Lowest time. 1st place receives 1 pt, 2nd place receives 2pts on down.  Tie break #1 qualified individual , Tie break #2 partner

Workout 2: 5 minutes Total time  (judges every 20 put 1 hand in the air)

5 minutes max number of mat jumps, Every minute on the minute starting at 3, 2, 1 Go athletes will complete a team wheel barrow 50’ entire body starting behind the line hands cross center basketball court. In remaining time of the minute partners run to their station and complete max jumps over a folded mat ( Jump must be 2 feet together) Other partner must be holding a 45lb plate overhead making no contact with their head. Switch as needed.
Scoring: total number of box jumping at the end of 5 minutes. Highest jumps. 1st place receives 1 pt, 2nd place receives 2pts on down.  

Workout 3: 6 minutes Total time (judges every 10 put 1 hand in the air)

2 minutes of max burpees. One partner will begin jumping rope then partner 2 will complete burpees starts standing then chest and thighs contact the floor recover to standing then jumping with hands overhead clapping along with chest being vertical.  Partner 2 must be jumping rope. In order for partner 2 to remain doing burpees partner 1 must continuously keep the rope turning. If the jump rope stops the current burpee rep does not count. Athlete must start over for the start of the next burpee in standing position.
2 minutes max burpees. One partner lays down while the other partner completes a burpee starting by going to their belly, stand up and jump over your partner. Switch as needed.
2 minutes of partner carrys or partner drags. Starting behind the sideline carry partner however you see fit the width of the bball court placing them beyond the sideline of the other side. May re-adjust partner mid court, may not change partners until you have reached a side line.
Scoring: Teams total number of burpees and carry pts. 3 pts per width carry.  1st place receives 1 pt, 2nd place receives 2pts on down.  

Workout 4: 4 minutes ( Only top 3 mens teams and top 3 womens teams will compete here 1 faculty team)
Max distance sled push in 4 minutes. At the 3, 2, 1 Go there is a 10 wall to wall sprint buy in where both partners will alternate sprints after every 2 wall touches. Following the buy in each team will have a mat piled with 2- 45lbs plates where they will push back and forth on the basketball court as many times as possible in the remaining time. Pushing only on the mats, athletes may not pull. You must stay in your lane not crossing into other athletes lanes.

Scoring: Total distance pushed. 4 pts per length of the court. When the nose of the mat reaches each section a point is awarded. Tie breaks will be broken at conclusion of the 4 minutes with mata that have moved the furthest short of another point. Points will be doubled for the final event. 1st place receives 2 pts, 2nd place receives 4pts on down.  

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