Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Final Day to sign up for 5K -10/29
What are you waiting for?

Important information for Friday:
1. Student registration should be completed during lunch. There will be a registration table outside the gym beginning with A lunch and running through 1:10 pm.
2. Staff members will receive their bibs/shirts tomorrow. Students will receive theirs at registration.
3. Runners will have bibs, walkers will have wristbands
4. Emily Fila (Athletic Trainer) will be leading a group warm-up at 1:15 pm in the starting line area.
5. All participants need to be on the starting line by 1:25 pm, with a prompt 1:30pm start.

If you are participating, please bring your classes to the stadium. You are responsible for getting coverage if you want/need it. 

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