Saturday, October 1, 2022

30 day Challenge for OCTOBER


1000 Push Up Challenge


Perform 50 push ups a day, 5 days a week for 4 weeks equaling 1,000 push ups! This will be Monday - Friday from October 3 through October 28.

Good Rep of Push Up - chest touches ground and arms lock out each rep.


Can I do more than 50/day?

You can however your push ups will only count towards THAT day. So if you did 100 on Monday, you still have to do 50 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Do push ups in the workouts count?

Yes - anytime there are strict push ups programmed they will count towards this numbers. This includes inchworm with push ups in the warm up and accessory

Movements that do not count towards the push up challenge: burpees, handstand push ups, bench/floor press, wall walk.

Do I have to do them all at once?

NOPE :) They can be accumulated over the course of the day if you wish. You can do 20 at breakfast, 20 at lunch, and 10 at dinner haha.

What are options to quickly knock out my push ups?

You can perform them in an EMOM Style:
EMOM #1 - Every Minute for 5:00 perform 10
EMOM #2 - Every 30 Seconds for 2:30 perform 10
EMOM #3 - Every 30 Seconds for 5:00 perform 5
EMOM # 4 - Every Minute for 10:00 perform 5

What if I cannot perform strict push ups?

There are great scaling options out there that will still challenge you and help you get to your goal of strict push ups.
Knee Push Ups
Incline Push Ups

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