Sunday, December 4, 2022

December Challenge

 December Challenge

Accumulate 100 Squats a day for 5 days a week

(Monday through Friday) = 2,000 Squats Total for December

Challenge will run from December 5th - December 30th

Quick Ideas:

If there is not a form of squats programmed that day in the workout, I suggest

getting to work on 100 Air Squats.

You can do 25 before breakfast, 25 before lunch, 25 after lunch, 25 before dinner

You can make a plan to complete 10 every hour until all of them are complete.

Please read the information below to know full challenge details.


The scoring is based on reps for each day.

If the workout includes squats then you may include those reps.

If you do more than 100 squats on 1 day, you cannot roll those extra squats into the next day. :)

What counts and what doesn't?

Bodyweight Squat Movements that count:

Air Squats

Jumping Air Squats

Squat to Overhead Reach

Yes - workouts that involve dumbbell squats can count towards the challenge

Examples of these include:

Dumbbell Front Squats

Dumbbell Thrusters

Dumbbell Squat Clean

Strength specific squats within other tracks will not be counted towards this specific challenge. For example, if you are doing heavy sets of back squats as part of the strength portion of your workout, those reps don’t count as part of this challenge. Why? Because we want you to focus on the actual lift, instead of counting reps. That’s what’s most important at that moment.

Air Squat Scaling Options

Squat to Chair

Good luckšŸ‹️

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