Thursday, May 16, 2024

 Memorial Day Murph 

Warm Up

  Arrive 30 min early

5-10 min walking, slow jog (ankles, knees, hips)

Running Drills and Stretch

3-5x through

-50m Run/Jog

-R/L single leg good morning

-R/L Figure 4 (ankle on knee, sit)

-R/L Knee up, into lunge, twist (move slow)

Hips - Air Squat

Hip Halo 

Cossack Squat 5ea side

Pull ups

Band on Pull up Bar 10 reps (Hands shoulder width SLOWLY pull down towards hip)

3-5 strict pull ups.or ring rows

3-5 pull ups *version you will use for Murph (Ring Row, Jumping or Regular)

Push ups

Chest stretch on Post/Wall

10 seal to down dog

Complete 5 knee Push up, 5 Regular, 1 Hand Release


For time:

1 mile run

100 pull ups

200 push ups

300 squats

1 mile run

(50 minute Time Cap)

Murph Workout Options

**Scaling is totally fine**

  1. ½ reps of entire workout

(800m run, 50 pull up, 100 push up, 150 air squat, 800 run ) 

* 10rds 5 pull, 10 push, 15 squat, 5,5,5,15

  1. Partner Version

Split up work half or full

Ex:1 works at a time or both work at same time and add reps together.

  1. Vest optional not expected

  • unchecked

    1st time doing Murph DO NOT WEAR A VEST

  • unchecked

    2nd or 3rd time doing Murph consider wearing on the run only

  • unchecked

    You can complete 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats in less than 25 minutes without a vest, then consider scaling up and wear 20#/14 vest 

4. Random Scaling

Consider changing 1 movement. ½ that movement 

(Run, Pull ups, Push Ups)

Pull up Scalings

Ring/ Bar Rows

Jumping pull ups Banded Pull ups

Push Up Scaling

Box Push up

Knee Push up

Banded Push up

Air Squat Scaling

Box squat

Med ball Squat

Elevated heels

Ways to Break up Pull ups, Push ups and Squats

20 rds

5 pull up

10 push up

15 air squat

10 rds

10 pull ups

20 push ups

30 air squats

20 rds

5 push up

5 pull up

5 push up

15 air squat

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